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Over 30 years of trusted partnership.

NumHub, formerly ATL Communications, started with the belief that you should own and control your toll-free numbers, not your carrier. Authoritative number ownership with NumHub—today, both toll-free and local—puts you in the driver's seat with full autonomy over where you want to go. How do we do it? It all started over thirty years ago. 


Telecom Advocacy

Since our founding, we have championed the cause of authoritative number ownership and establishing better authority and trust in our industry. And, we are poised to champion the rollout of new regulations and systems to allow our customers to take control of their local numbers as well.

Freedom and Control

Taking control of your toll-free and local number assets through Numhub's ATLaaS and PortControl platforms unlocks invaluable possibilities for your business. Authoritative Ownership of your numbers means you can create relationships with multiple trusted carrier partners at the same time, allowing for better uptime with Disaster Recovery, Carrier Switching, and Authoritative Data Reporting.

NumHub Learning Center

Your source of truth for authoritative ownership and control of your phone numbers.

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