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Claim what's yours. Take authoritative ownership and control of your phone numbers today with NumHub.

In today's dynamic digital landscape, authoritative control over your telephone number identity is not just a safeguard—it transforms them into your strategic business asset. By establishing your business as the definitive source of truth for your numbers, you not only defend your numbers against identity theft, fraud, spam, spoofing, impersonation, vishing, and smishing, you defend the reliability of your brand in centralized databases protected and regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC. Embrace the digital age with the simplicity and empowerment of NumHub's intelligent solutions that ensure your number ownership is secure, controlled, industry-recognized, and your most valuable business asset.

Why Owning your Telephone Number Identity Matters

When businesses leave phone number management to their carriers, critical information that could protect them often gets tangled up with the carriers' protective measures mandated by the FCC. This mix-up can undermine transparency and create opportunities for bad actors to exploit. By taking control of your phone number information, we empower you to prevent these issues and safeguard your business in collaboration with your trusted carriers.


Ensure your phone number information is accurate and up-to-date.


Share source of truth information clearly across the telecom industry.


Detect and address fraud and unauthorized use of your phone numbers.


Maintain your brand reputation to uphold secure customer relationships.

Over 30 Years of Providing Authoritative Ownership of Telephone Number Identity.

Our company started with a simple vision: to empower local carriers and enterprise businesses to achieve vendor neutrality by allowing them to own and control their phone numbers. In a telecom ecosystem where carriers are bound by regulation not to disclose end-user information, it is more important than ever for end users to take control to address rising fraud and costs.

Our Authoritative Ownership Solutions



ATLaaS: Toll-Free Number Ownership and Management for Enterprise Businesses.

Our company was founded with a vision: to promote fairness and competition in the telecom industry by empowering businesses to own and manage their toll-free numbers. Discover how ATLaaS gives you control over managing your numbers.


PortControl: Local Number Porting and Management, Simplified.

Local number porting can be quite a hassle, dealing with multiple logins, timers, regional restrictions, and carrier partnerships. PortControl simplifies this process by bringing everything together in one place. With PortControl, you can focus on running your business without the stress of portability issues. Find out how PortControl can save you time, money, and reduce the risk of fraud.

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